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Microblading (Individual Hair-Strokes):

This technique is used to create the look of realistic hair strokes by implanting pigment beneath the skin with a small hand tool. Microblading can add density to existing eyebrow hair or create a completely natural-looking set of eyebrows for those who experience partial or complete hair loss. Ideal for younger clients with normal to dry skin. If your skin is oily, has visible pores, sensitive, thin, or sun-damaged, this technique is not a good option for you. The eyebrow shape, color, and style is tailored to each individual client for the most realistic results.

Fusion Brows (Microblading + Shading):

This technique combines microblading hair strokes in the front of the brows only, with machine shading from the mid to tails. Ideal for those with normal, dry, or combination skin types. If your skin is more thin (especially on the tails) or sensitive, shading will heal softer and more evenly than microblading on the majority of the brows. This technique is great for those needing fullness added or those who prefer a defined brow shape.

Powder / Ombre Brows (all shading):

All machine shading, this technique is ideal for all skin types - including oily, sensitive, and mature/thin skin. This is also a great technique for corrective work, scar tissue, and correcting discolored tattoos. Great for clients wanting a clean, defined shape and a soft, powdery finish. Looks more solid and bold initially (first 2-3 days), but softens and fades throughout the healing process into a more natural-looking result.


Combination Brows (Microblading + Shading):

This technique combines the hair stroke appearance of microblading throughout the whole brow with machine shading to add density. Ideal for younger clients with normal to dry skin. Those with thin, sensitive, or compromised skin (from previous brow tattoo), look to fusion or powder brow as a better option for you. Shading adds a soft, powdery appearance and can be used to build fullness to brows with little or no hair or define the overall shape of the brows.


Lip Blush (Semi-Permanent Lip Tattoo):

Lip Blush enhances the color, shape, and size of your lips. Healed results mimic the appearance of a natural lip tint, but can be saturated to more of a lipstick effect if desired. Clients lacking pigment to their lip borders or experience uneven pigmentation in general can benefit from this service. Color and saturation are customized to each client based off preferences and skin tone.


Eyeliner / Lash Line Enhancement:

Permanent eyeliner lasts several years and is customized for each individual client. Eyeliner can be tattooed subtly along lash line for a barely-detectable enhancement to lashes and eye shape. We are also able to make the liner thicker, add shading, and a wing for more of a defined, make-up look based off client's desired result. From jet black to light brown or grey, the color is customized to the client's skin tone and preferences.


($150 appointment retainer fee
required upon booking)
For normal to dry skin only. Includes full consultation, mapping your perfect shape, color selection, numbing, and the microblading treatment.
(Any prior tattoo/microblading on your brows, please see CORRECTIVE service below)

($150 appointment retainer fee required upon booking)
For normal to dry skin types. Shading is ideal for those with thin or sparse brows. Shading adds density and fullness and helps blend naturally uneven eyebrows.

($150 appointment retainer fee required upon booking)
For all skin types including oily and mature. Ideal for clients who prefer more defined/filled in results and a soft, powdery look. Looks bolder first 2-3 days, but heals very soft and natural.

($150 appointment retainer fee required upon booking)
MUST BE APPROVED prior to booking. Send 3 clear photos (front facing profile, right side 1/4 turn, left side 1/4 turn) of your brows for consideration to If previous tattoo is too dark, thick, or uneven to work over, removal may be necessary first. Powder or Fusion Brows are the most common techniques used for corrective work. Microblading is not an option for covering old work or working over compromised skin.


($150 appointment retainer fee required upon booking)
Lip Blush will enhance the natural beauty of your lips by improving the size, definition, color, and shape. Color and saturation are custom fit to your skin tone and desired outcome. Expect a natural lip tint when healed. A 6-12 week touch up is a part of the process.


($150 appointment retainer fee required upon booking)
A lip-blushing  technique  designed  for  those  with  dark pigmentation or unevenly toned  lips.  Lip color is evened out and brightened to achieve desired color. Multiple  sessions spaced 6-12 weeks apart are often required. Each additional session  is  $200.

Top Liner - $500
Top Liner + Bottom Liner - $600
($150 appointment retainer fee required upon booking)
Permanent eyeliner lasts several years and can be subtle to enhance your natural lashes or thicker to mimic the appearance of makeup. Expect to keep eye area dry and out of the sun for 10 days post treatment. No lash growth serums for 1 month prior. Can not wear contacts or lash extensions for a minimum of 5 days after.

Li-FT Saline Removal - $175 (per session)
($50 appointment retainer fee required upon booking)
Please contact prior to booking. The number of treatments needed is based on your specific tattoo. Li-FT lightens the tattoo during each session until the desired result is a achieved. Multiple sessions spaced 6-8 weeks apart are often needed.

Emergency Removal - $225
Emergency removal can be done on freshly tattooed brows within 48 hours of a "botched job". If you are unhappy with your results, emergency removal will remove pigment/ink that was freshly tattooed in the skin within 48 hours. Please contact with the subject line "EMERGENCY REMOVAL".

6-12 Week Perfection Session - $200
($50 appointment retainer fee required upon booking)
To switch techniques or add shading (if not done at initial appointment), add $100 to service amount.
This session is a separate fee. It is recommended you book your 6-12 week touch-up in advance if possible.
Anything booked beyond the 6-12 week time frame will be subject to a higher fee.
Minimum 72 hour notice is required for all rescheduling. Limit 1 reschedule per retainer fee.

Brow Refresher (18-30 months) - $350-$400
($150 appointment retainer fee required upon booking)
Fading of permanent makeup is normal and expected. Many factors including skin type, sun exposure, and skin products can effect how your new brows will fade. Most clients need a refresher every 18-24 months to maintain results. A new service at full price is required after 30 months. Please allow your brows to fade by at least 50% prior to any touch ups. We must allow permanent makeup to fade out of the skin to keep the results looking natural long-term and to keep the integrity/health of the skin. If too much color is packed into the skin, results become blurry and the color can become distorted (blue, gray, etc).

Email 3 clear photos of your brows for review to:

1. front facing profile
2. right side 3/4 turn
3. left side 3/4 turn

Designated days/times are reserved for all returning clients that are not available to book online. Please include clear photos of your brows and desired adjustments so we are able to reserve the appropriate amount of time for your touch up.

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